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What We Do

We are a small consulting group that uniquely blends the use of creativity for business, design, technology and marketing to improve companies and their projects.

founder has over 20 years of experience working with small and large corporations helping to refine their business practices, operations, logistics, creativity, technology and marketing to build stronger business foundations.

To achieve client goals we offer a full range of services. To fully understand what we can do for you, please review our services page for details. Learn More

Festival Consulting

Over the last 2 years, the music festival market has become highly strained in the wake of competing events, high ticket prices, the poor economy and travel costs.

"Our Goal Is To Consult With Festival Promotors, Sponsors And Bands To Create Authentic Meaningful Connections To The Fan Base Which Benefit Everyone’s Bottom Line." Our key offering is a Unique Interactive MultiMedia Magazine we call an "IMM".

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details on what we can do for you, today.

Marketing Solutions

We look to create a complete 360˚ perspective in everything we do, we strive to understand what the outside world is thinking.

We step outside the box and seek direct feedback from the community you want to target.

We engage them in online polls, onsite interviews and free giveaways in exchange for their feedback and thoughts on everything involved with the festival scene.

To learn how we can engage on your behalf, check out the

Technology Solutions

Todays Business's never have enough time to learn how to use their existing technology to their benefit.

Always going from project to project with very little down time to make improvements to their technology infrastructure or learn how to better use what they have.

We provide services that will not only keep you running smoothly but will allow you capitalize on your investment.


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